The History of Ozburn Insurance

The Ozburn Insurance Agency was established in 1965 by Bert Ozburn and remains a family-operated business to this day. The office is currently being run by Bert Ozburn’s daughter, Julie Schaldemose, who continues to provide the honest, respectful, and quality service the local community has come to expect from Ozburn over the years. During the early years of Ozburn, Julie recalls her father’s days of meeting with customers all hours of the day, even on weekends. His backseat was full of papers, and his phone was always ringing. Julie would quickly realize how much Bert cared, 

“looking back on my childhood I realize that he was always helping others when the unexpected occurred.”

It is this same idea of preparing for the unexpected that Ozburn emphasizes each and every day when protecting our customers. Bert had introduced Julie to the insurance business at a young age, to which her response was, “no that would be so boring!”

Moving Home

However, in 2003 Julie moved back to Murphysboro and fell in love with the community, and more importantly protecting those who live in it. During her early years in the business, Julie realized just how much of an impact reliable service can have. Ozburn was one of the few agencies in operation the day after the May 8th storm in 2009, where Julie and her husband had to find a generator to power the office so that they may help their customers. Shortly after, Ozburn was able to provide protection for a terminally ill individual who was struggling to find coverage. Unfortunately, a year later they would pass away, but the family was thankful that there was a policy there to keep them protected during uncertain times. It was times like these in the early days of Ozburn that have crafted the strong relationships we have with our customers. We do everything we can to go above and beyond for our customers, whether individuals or businesses. Many that struggle to find coverage can find it here, and that is exactly what Bert’s vision was. Ozburn celebrated its 50 year anniversary in 2015, and in 2020 Julie’s daughter Olivia began work at the family business.

Ozburn Today

Today Ozburn is in the process of renovating the office, and Bert continues to provide support every day. Julie loves to hear from customers every week, asking “how is Bert?” This only emphasizes the drive we have at Ozburn to continue to build those relationships of mutual respect and admiration and carry our vision into the future. We are thankful for our community, which has allowed Ozburn to grow and protect it for so many years.

Ozburn Insurance Agency is located in downtown Murphysboro, Illinois, and offers all lines of insurance from home, auto, business, life, health, long-term care, and annuities. Ozburn Agency is an independent insurance agency and can quote customers’ insurance needs with the many reputable insurance companies they represent. All Ozburn Agency staff are licensed, knowledgeable, and available to assist customers with all their insurance needs.

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