Personal Insurance Coverage

Most people may not think of insurance until they need it, so let us think ahead for you and help you build a personal plan that covers all the bases. If you need automobile, homeowner’s, renters, motorcycle, personal umbrella, or special event liability insurance, Ozburn has you covered. By signing up with us, you can live your life stress free knowing the things you care about are protected.

Personal Insurance: What is it?

Personal insurance is any type of insurance that protects yourself or family members/loved ones and your belongings/assets. It can cover Auto, Home, Health, Life, Renters, Motorcycle, Recreational Vehicles, Umbrella, Farm, and Watercraft. Personal insurance is recommended for protecting yourself and your investments. While we always hope that nothing ever goes wrong, it is always recommended to prepare. 

Why Is Personal Insurance Important?

Personal insurance protects the things that matter and keeps you safe at the worst of times. Protection for you, your loved ones, and the possessions you own can help you keep yourself afloat even when things go wrong. There is no reason to be left without support during a bad time. Trust Ozburn to be there when you need protection the most. 

Why Would Someone choose Ozburn for insurance?

We are not going anywhere. Ozburn is a knowledgeable agency that has worked with our community for decades. We develop policies that fit your needs and are happy to work with you as life changes. Ozburn is here to develop a long-lasting relationship that keeps you protected.  Our vision is to ensure that all those without coverage can find protection with us, and that we can help cultivate relationships that help the members of our community feel safe and secure. 

Personal Insurance Coverage Types

Personal insurance includes a variety of different types of coverages. Personal insurance coverages include:

  • Automobile
  • Homeowner’s
  • Mobile Home
  • Renters
  • Motorcycle
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Watercraft
  • Antique Automobiles
  • Personal Umbrella
  • Special Event Liability
  • Farm


Protecting your car with auto insurance is incredibly important. Your car is one of your biggest assets, so protect it with policies that provide the coverage you need.


Homeowners insurance is the financial protection you receive if anything were to ever happen to your home. This can include the cost of a hotel if you are forced to evacuate, legal costs, covering damaged personal items, and other exterior home coverage. While not required by law, it is oftentimes required by mortgage lenders that you seek out an insurance policy for your home. What is covered depends on your policy and what is important to you.

Common forms of insurance are: 

  • Dwelling – Protects your home itself for damage
  • Other Structures – protection for detached structures, such as mailboxes, pools, and fences. 
  • Personal liability – protects you from legal costs associated with suing for accidental injury or property damage.  
  • Personal Property – Protects personal belongings within the home, such as furniture. 
  • Medical payments – Covers injury for individuals who are not a resident of your home.
  • Additional living expenses – Covers temporary lodging and food, as well as other temporary expenses if your home is not liveable. 

Mobile Home

Don’t let yourself worry about mobile home insurance. Keep it simple at Ozburn. Mobile homes are insured in a very similar fashion to factory-built homes, no matter if you live there year-round or seasonally. Mobile home insurance can cover fire, windstorm, falling objects, explosion, and visitor injuries. Your home is one of your most important investments. Don’t let yourself go unprotected. Contact Ozburn for more information today!


Renters insurance is a combination of three different types of coverage, including belongings, living arrangements, and covered loss. Life isn’t free of unexpected events, but renters insurance is around to help cover the unexpected events when they happen.


When finding a motorcycle policy, it is important to consider which one will fit your needs and lifestyles. Most states require minimum liability coverage for motorcycle owners. More extensive coverage is usually optional. It is important to ask your local insurance professionals which laws apply in your states. Factors that might affect your policy are your age, style of bike, number of miles ridden per year, where you store your bike, and the age of your bike. Whether you are looking for simple liability, comprehensive coverage, or you are insuring multiple motorcycles, contact your local experts at Ozburn today.

Recreational Vehicles

Recreational vehicles are a great way to have some outdoor fun, but the fun is ruined when they get damaged. Recreational vehicle coverage helps cover and protect your ATV, motor home, or travel trailer. Have all the comfort you want in your home away from home, with the peace of mind you deserve. From collision coverage, to sound system repair, to injury and property damage coverage, Ozburn has you covered. 


Boat and RV insurance policies are designed to help protect from theft or broken parts, cover liability and medical costs, cover repairs, or even trailers and accessories.

Antique Automobiles

Classic cars require special work and maintenance, but they also require special forms of insurance coverage. Antique automobile coverage is designed specifically for these classic cars and what they need.

Special Event Liability

Special event insurance is a type of insurance that protects the holder of an event from claims made against them due to damage, injury, or any other form of a significant problem that they are liable for. If you are planning a big day, the last thing you need is to be paying thousands out of pocket and ruining your night due to damage or an injury.

Personal Umbrella

Personal umbrella insurance is designed to ensure that you are never put in a legal position where you are at risk of losing your savings. For example, if you find yourself losing a lawsuit for an amount of money greater than your insurance is willing to pay, umbrella insurance is there. Umbrella insurance is personal liability insurance that can be incredibly useful when you find yourself personally liable for a large claim. At Ozburn, we can help keep you protected like no other. We want to ensure that our neighbors in Southern Illinois are not caught paying more than they can afford, so let us protect you today!


Farm insurance is a form of insurance that falls under both personal and commercial categories. Because it is a hybrid insurance, farm insurance not only provides coverage for the home, possessions, and personal liability, but also for farm injuries and farm equipment. However, farm insurance typically does not provide coverage for crops.

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