Finding the Right Health Insurance Policy

Health insurance is a necessity for everyday life. Medical expenses are often unexpected, and as much as we work to avoid them, they do happen. At the end of the day, it is better to protect yourself and make sure that when something happens you and the ones you love can worry less about money and more about getting better.

Health Insurance: What is it?

Health insurance is insurance that covers medical expenses in the event of an illness or injury. Health insurance is very helpful for unexpected medical expenses and keeps you from paying hefty fees out of pocket. No one wants to be sick, but unfortunately, it happens. It is always better to be protected to make sure you and your loved ones can get the care they need.

Why is Health Insurance Important

Medical costs are never cheap. When an illness or injury results in a visit to a doctor or hospital, paying out of pocket can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Having medical insurance is incredibly important to make sure you can acquire the treatment needed so you and your loved ones can make a full recovery. In times of uncertainty, good health insurance provides the peace of mind you need.

Why Should Someone Choose Ozburn for Insurance?

Ozburn has been protecting members of our community from high medical expenses for several decades. There is no need to pay out of pocket for these expenses and in those unfortunate moments, you need an agency you can trust to be there. If you are looking for local and reliable service, Ozburn would be more than happy to keep you protected in case of an emergency.

Individual Plans

Health insurance is an incredibly important investment. Individual health insurance is coverage that you purchase to cover your personal medical expenses when insurance is not offered by your employer. Individual plans can be used to care for pre-existing conditions,  hospital visits, or any form of unpredictable medical expense. 

Group Health Plans

Group health insurance plans are a form of medical insurance that is tailored to members of an organization or employees of a particular company. These usually provide lower-cost policies, as the risk to the insurers is spread across a large group. People outside of the organization cannot enroll in a group program.  These programs are deniable by employees, have shared premiums between the company and employees, and dependents of employees can be added to the coverage. 

Medicare Supplement

 Medicare supplement insurance is a form of supportive health insurance that covers what an original plan may not. A medicare supplement policy can assist in paying for costs such as copayments, coinsurance, deductibles, and other similar payments. Medicare will pay for the approved amount relating to the specific situation, while your medicare supplement, or “Medigap” policy will pay a portion or “share” of the remaining costs. To get started or get more information from local insurance experts, right here in Southern Illinois, contact Ozburn Insurance Today!

Long Term Care

In everyone’s life there comes a time where we will need help taking care of ourselves. However, it is oftentimes very costly to get this level of late-life care. The most effective way to prepare for this point in life is to purchase long-term care insurance. Health insurance plans not only cover what is directly associated with your health, but also activities such as bathing, dressing, and cooking may become more difficult without assistance. A long-term care insurance plan can ensure that you are covered when you are in need of this care, whether it is in your home, a nursing home, or an assisted living facility. These plans are meant to reduce out-of-pocket costs and ensure you get the best care when you need it. Call Ozburn Insurance to learn more, and see how we can start helping you prepare today!

Disability Insurance

Your ability to work and make an income is the most valuable asset you have, and this asset can be protected with disability insurance. Disability insurance replaces a portion of your income if any form of injury or condition keeps you from working. It provides security, and at Ozburn, we can make sure no matter what condition you are in you are still earning a living and staying afloat. Contact our office today to learn more!

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